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The Practitioners

Dr. Ali El-Menshawi and Dr. Aysha Meloukheia founded the Psychiatric Group of Orlando in 2004 to bring exceptional psychiatric care to the Orlando area. Dr. El-Menshawi and Dr. Meloukheia have since assembled a compassionate and proficient team of healthcare providers and staff alike. Here at the Psychiatric Group of Orlando we believe mental health is a priority. Our providers and staff will remind you that you are not alone: we are here to listen, to understand, and to support. 

Each patient is met with respect, concern, and attentiveness as all patients deserve the absolute best service, and to feel comfortable in an environment that fosters mental health: taking care of yourself first. We offer psychiatric care for adults and children, as well as therapy for mental health. 

We currently have 7 providers, which includes 3 Doctors of Psychiatry, 
and 4 Therapy Counselors. 

Please feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have at (407)-275-0745. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ali El-Menshawi, MD, PhD 

                   Aysha Meloukheia, MD

Dr. Verma

Dr. Teron Verma, a General Psychiatrist, recently joined the team at the Psychiatric Group of Orlando. Originally from Orlando, FL, he completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Central Florida, earning triple degrees in Health Sciences, Health Care Administration, and Molecular and Microbiology. Following this, he obtained his Master of Science in Health Sciences from UCF and attended Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica. He completed as Chief Resident of Psychiatry. After residency, Dr. Verma relocated to Moultrie, GA, to develop psychiatric services in rural and underserved areas at Colquitt Regional Medical Center (CRMX). He established CRMS's first Psychiatry department and collaborated with educational institutions to develop a Psychiatry residency and track for students and residents.

Dr. Verma is committed to diagnosing and treating various mental health illnesses and reducing stigmas associated with seeking care. He offers personalized pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy for conditions like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and psychotic disorders. With experience in diverse settings across Florida and beyond, Dr. Verma emphasizes medication management and a continuum of care model to support his clients' mental health journeys. 

He is dedicated to helping clients achieve stability and personal growth, working closely with the team at the Psychiatric Group of Orlando to meet their mental health needs through evaluations and follow-up care.

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